A circumstance or a place in our story when things unexpectedly change for good. We hear about these defining moments in our friends' lives and see it in our communities, too. A situation seems desperate. Then God restores hope. Families appear fractured beyond repair. Then God mends hearts and provides a new beginning. And there's another turning point happening now.


In Fall 2017, we announced to the MLC family the next "Then God" moment that is happening.


Hear the heart behind what god is calling us to do together.

By investing together in these defined concrete projects, we can be prepared to serve the needs of our growing community and reach more people for JESUS.

I believe in this church and its mission. I’ve seen the change in me and my family through MLC and want to have others experience it, too! - Philip and Lauren Duplantis

here's WHAT a few mlc Kids & Students Think.

Aug 1 Pledged.png

As part of the MLC Family, what's your role? 

All we ask is that you pray: 

Lord, what's my financial part.

Then, follow where God leads you. That's it.

As of August 1, 2018, the MLC Family has pledged $1,272,326 over the next three years. 

You can download a pledge card or give online to the Then God Building Fund.



See images and videos of the future building plans for the Dawson and Forsyth campuses.


what makes this vision worth your personal investment?

I believe in the power of God to heal and transform a world of hurt and brokenness and use MLC as a vehicle to accomplish that. – Chris Finley

We want MLC to continue to grow and reach people for Christ because we believe strongly in the vision to reach the last. You can never out give God! -Ron and Darlene Petersen

Aug 1Collected (1).png

As of August 2018, we've collected $807,686.

Questions? We put together Frequently Asked Questions or you can email our Executive Pastor Randy Ongie at randy@morelifechange.com.